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An open message from the Director


As a health care educator who has taught at the classroom of adult education and secondary school level for 21 years, and registered nurse who has been a Director of Nursing Services in Long Term Care facilities, I welcome your review of the Basic Nurse Assistant Program of Career Training Center of Chicago.


Our curriculum will provide you with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed for you to acquire the knowledge and skills to successfully complete the program and you will be eligible to sit the Illinois State Certification Examination.


The Career Training Center of Chicago concept is unique for it provides a bilateral commitment between the learner and instructor.


v     A commitment to provide the student with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed to acquire the knowledge and skills that are needed in the caring environment.

v     A commitment to strengthen interpersonal skills for productive work with others.

v     A commitment to provide basic tools and the accompanying (performance) skills so that problems in the student’s performance can be identified, solutions generated and/ or methods implemented.

v     A commitment to instill a new level of self-confidence and capability to use a past experience and the use of empathy in caring for others rather that ignoring these experiences as an adult.

v     A commitment to provide curriculum which gives training to acquire knowledge and skills to meet the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements for a CNA.

v     A commitment to maintain a high level of integrity while, at the same time, assisting the learner to attain virtual career opportunities.


We welcome the opportunity to visit with you and show you a learning encounter that will improve the quality of your life and assist you to attain the success of your chosen career.


“A call for a quality nurse aide is vital to the maintenance and/or attainment of the highest level of functional abilities of person in health care setting:



Again, Welcome and wish you good luck!