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To train quality nurse aides who will deliver quality care and rehabilitation to persons in health care settings.




A call for quality nurse aide is a vital to the maintenance and/or attainment of the highest level of functional abilities of persons on health care setting: EDUCATION MAKES IT ALL.


Vocational Objective:

  • To train students to become Certified Nurse Assistants 


Training Objective:

  • Career Training Center of Chicago will provide students with comprehensive theory and clinical training needed to acquire the knowledge and skills to meet the Illinois Department of Public Health requirements for Certified Nurse Assistants.
    • To fill the need of trained quality care nurse aides who will work with the growing number of people who needs health care services in Illinois.
    • To provide learning opportunities to the community who wants to register for Basics Nursing Training Program.
    • To properly train individuals to answer the current need of CNA’s in the Health Care facilities and at home setting to provide quality and compassionate care and rehabilitation.
    • To prepare students to be able to perform skills safely and demonstrate compliance in the Department of Public Health approved Manual (Performance) Skills.
    • To prepare students to pass the Department of Public Health established Competency Examination.